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Contact Experienced Attorneys After a Coal Mining Accident

You have probably heard it before, that certain corporations will do just about anything to squeeze out a profit. This statement is often true of the gas, oil, and coal industries, where conditions in gas fields, plants, surface, and underground mines can hold serious dangers for employees and contractors at these properties. There are many lawsuits filed every year alleging various safety hazard and even wrongful death due to a coal mining accident.

The devastating
aftermath of a cave-in, equipment malfunction, or other mishap in a coal mine can change your life forever. The only way to ensure the support you need is by calling the experienced attorneys at Fragile Law Firm in Beckley, WV. We can help get you the help you need and the compensation you deserve!


Dangers of West Virginia Coal Mines

Although it may be known for its ‘heavenly’ scenic beauty, West Virginia is also home to many mining operations and industries that often put pressure on workers to work long, strenuous hours in dangerous conditions. Managers are urged to cut corners or save time, which creates unsafe environments. Safety procedures may be ignored or only half-followed, which raises the likelihood of a coal mining accident.
Equipment alone can pose a threat – heavy equipment like drilling rigs, haul trucks, scoops, shuttle cars, in-plant railroads and trains, continuous mining, draglines, conveyors, percussion drills can all malfunction. Other hazards such as inadequate training, high walls, mine collapse, oxygen deprivation, electrocution, and exposure to harmful dust, gas, and chemicals may all contribute to the dangers workers face.

Representing Coal Miners for More Than 35 Years

The big corporations have attorneys that work to protect their interests when things go wrong, and so should you. The safety regulations are not only supposed to be printed on paper – they are supposed to be exercised constantly. It does not take a major workplace disaster to bring safety concerns and accidents to light, when there are risks every day.
Coal miners in West Virginia know they have one of the most dirty and dangerous jobs in America. The Fragile Law Firm has pursued coal mining accident claim cases for 50 years and knows that industry and the major players when it comes to pursuing justice for the many types of injuries miners experience on a regular basis. We know that serious harm resulting in amputations or crushed bones, head or spine injuries, or silicosis can make it difficult to support your family.

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