Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse is Intolerable

Domestic violence and spousal abuse is intolerable, all across our great state. Fragile Law Office wants you to know your safety comes first, and encourages you to know your rights. When you know you are in a relationship situation that is abusive mentally, physically, financially, or emotionally and where you may need to prove certain aspects of what is going on get in touch with one of our caring attorneys. Our attorneys can give advice on filing for a protection order, if necessary, to help ensure your rights and safety.

Domestic Violence Matters in West Virginia

An important step with domestic violence matters is to begin collecting evidence to support your claim. This can take the form of messages, financial or medical records, photographs, or other reports that may be included for presentation in court. When you are in an abusive or violent situation, the mental, physical, and emotional stress can be unbearable. We may also recommend agencies that can provide additional counseling and support.

Domestic Violence & Separation