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Parental Relocation in Raleigh, Boone, and Kanawha Counties

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Parental relocation is a significant legal topic affecting many families in West Virginia. When couples divorce, one parent or the other may choose to relocate. This occurs most often for the purpose of employment, but there may be other considerations.

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Best Interests of the Child Matter in Parental Relocation Matters

The West Virginia Code §48-11-403 covers relocation of a parent. It states:

“(1) A parent who has been exercising a significant majority of the custodial responsibility for the child should be allowed to relocate with the child so long as that parent shows that the relocation is in good faith for a legitimate purpose and to a location that is reasonable in light of the purpose.”

A parent seeking to change their residence for more than 90 days must give 60 days advance notice. The notice should include:

“(1) The relocation date;
(2) The address of the intended new residence;
(3) The specific reasons for the proposed relocation;
(4) A proposal for how custodial responsibility shall be modified, in light of the intended move; and
(5) Information for the other parent as to how he or she may respond to the proposed relocation or modification of custodial responsibility.”

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