Coal Mining Accident Lawyer in West Virginia

Coal Mining Accident Lawyer

The big corporations have attorneys that work to protect their interests when things go wrong, and so should you. The safety regulations are not only supposed to be printed on paper—they are supposed to be exercised constantly. It does not take a major workplace disaster to bring safety concerns and accidents to light, when there are risks every day.

Coal miners in West Virginia know they have one of the most dirty and dangerous jobs in America. Fragile Law Firm has pursued coal mining accident claim cases for more than 35 years, and knows the industry and the major players when it comes to pursuing justice for the many types of injuries miners experience on a regular basis. We know that serious harm resulting in amputations or crushed bones, head or spine injuries, or silicosis can make it difficult to support your family.

Do not let the seriousness of your workplace injury get swept under the rug. Fragile Law Firm works to protect the rights of workers who have been hurt in workplace accidents, getting substantial verdicts and settlements for clients. Call for your free consultation today!