Debt Collection Harassment Attorney in West Virginia

Debt collection harassment lawyer

Managing Credit Problems with Fragile Law Firm

Being hounded because of debt may only be part of your financial story. On the proactive side, there can be just as many issues with trying to obtain credit, especially if you have had a history of credit blemishes. Too often, people attempt to get a loan or line of credit for an important purchase, such as a house, car, or major appliance, only to find that they have outstanding items on their credit report that keep them from getting approved.

With so many of today’s customer service inquiries being handled by firms outside of the U.S., clearing accounts that appear on your credit file that are more than seven years old may seem like a major hassle. People are more inclined to ignore the declination and shrug it off than to keep accurate records and pursue an investigation in order to clear off whatever balances or statements might appear—but with an average of 40 million Americans having mistakes on their credit report (and around 20 million of those are serious), it all adds up.

Working with an attorney to clear up your credit report not only restores your good name in the eyes of the creditors; it sends a strong message to them that they need to reflect accurate records promptly. If our attorneys have to sue to fix your credit report, you do not get charged. We will explain the process and work out a plan with you that will get you through from start to finish. If you have been denied credit, you can request a copy of the credit report the lender used, but if you are unable to get it, we can obtain it for you.

If you have been trying to clean up your credit report and find yourself frustrated, we can help with that as well. Bring all of your records in with you to the consultation with Fragile Law Firm and, together, we can help get your credit report back on track.