Child Custody with Fragile Law Firm, in Beckley, WV

Negotiate Child Custody Agreements

Contacting a trusted family law attorney from Fragile Law Office, in Beckley, can give you the added assurance that your rights and those of your loved ones are protected. Our attorneys and staff are caring and compassionate members of the community, who clients trust to work with them and negotiate child custody agreements. We work hard to protect your interests and file necessary paperwork promptly.

Child Custody

Child Custody: Legal and Visitation

Child custody and financial support can be difficult to negotiate, especially when tensions are running high between all the parties involved. Having a trusted lawyer to discuss these delicate and important matters can be especially helpful and effective. We can help find a balance that is fair and works for everybody. Grandparents, stepparents, and adoptive parents can all benefit from working with an attorney knowledgeable of custody and visitation legalities and guidelines.

Modification of Child Custody Agreements in WV

It does not always take a contentious and bitter court case to come to agreeable terms. Fragile Law Firm has more than 35 years of experience and knows that quite a bit can be accomplished through mediation and a working, collaborative agreement. Our attorneys at Fragile Law Firm know life is filled with changes, so when you need a child custody agreement modified, please give us a call. We will work with you to protect the rights of your loved ones under West Virginia Family Law.

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