Auto Accident Lawyer - Truck Accident Attorney in WV

Auto Accident LawyerOne of the first lessons an experienced auto accident lawyer learns from any auto or truck accident is how to recover. The physical effects are but one way of healing, and even that important aspect may seem secondary when there are lingering effects to an accident that impact on your health, mobility, daily living, job, family, or other area of your life.

For some accidents, it may seem an easy thing to just exchange some information and call it done. However, did you know that some type of negligence causes accidents, in most cases? This may include: reckless driving or excessive speed, distracted or fatigued driving, drunk driving, defective mechanisms, overloaded trucks, and even poor weather conditions and defective roads?

Fragile Law Firm, an experienced auto accident lawyer, will go after all parties responsible for the most complex accident lawsuit, including commercial operators, equipment manufacturers, other negligent drivers, and governmental entities. This means that your case will be investigated fully and your right to recovery pursued.

Medical care, physical therapy, pain medications, and any other post-accident care are not cheap. When you are dealing with a traumatic brain injury, on-going whiplash injury, concentration and memory difficulties, internal injuries, bone fractures, even depression or post-traumatic stress as a result of the accident, these serious, bills can run into the thousands of dollars or more. If an accident puts you out of work and affects your ability to get around or care for your family, these are all significant things to consider when you factor in someone else’s mistake.

Fender Benders and CollisionsWhile no amount of money can truly compensate you for a horrible car or truck accident, there are expenses that can realistically be handled by seeking the right kind of legal settlement. These expenses could cover medical costs, funeral expenses (in the case of a wrongful death), diminished earnings, and also pain and suffering.

While we cannot guarantee a specific amount, having an experienced auto accident lawyer by your side to help you through this difficult time can make a big difference. Fragile Law Office has more than three decades of experience in knowing what it takes to assert your personal rights. We will evaluate your particular accident claim and advise you on the best course of action under the laws of our great state of West Virginia.